Story Of Our Kennel

In our breeding programe we are working over authentic type of Tibetan Mastiff - Do khyi and continue old blood lines from India and Nepal. Our goal is  breeding long -living , healthy and nice dogs.  Most of our offspring are  well balanced dogs with  nice proportions, size for males no more than 76 cm and weight about 55-60 kg. (females suitably less); it makes them non problematic while maturing and gives a chance to live long time without typicall molosses' diseases and problems untill old age. According to FCI Standart (230) our offspring has a kind of coat, which quality is more important than quantity - so they are more easy for care and grooming. We pay attention to proper puppies' socialisation - they stay at home (no kennels for puppies) untill they go to new homes. Many people visit them and are able to see them , touch and play with them after fist "puppy vaccination" (NOBIVAC PUPPY). Puppies spend most of time on the yard with free entrance to their rooms since age of 5,6 weeks. Litters' mothers stay all this time with them and usually feeds puppies untill 6,7 weeks, but puppies gets additional food since  age of 4-5 weeks old . Most of our puppies has grown into nice dogs with typicall Do khyi temperament - tolerance and distance to strangers while owners being in a place and after all - best childrens' guardians. There is only one female - CHAKRA , whose one puppy has no tolerance to strangers at all. All people interested in bgeting Tibetan Mastiffs from our kennel are welcome to visit us during all the year.  We live on big farm with 3 horses on 10.5 hectars. Our dogs has a lot of place on his own yard and in the yard adjoining the house. Our oldies live at home. On the 16 June 2012 we have adopted  9 years old female, probably related to our Tula. Her broken character didn't let us to keep her home -she  had been attacking the strangers, so she had found her safe place with dogs living in dogs' yard.She left us after 3 years at age about 13 . Our all dogs goes for walks at least 3 times a week. All of them have tolerance and no agression to strangers and our friends exept Chakra , who lives with us 15 years. The other oldies RUSTUM of Saras - lived 15 years, beloved NEPAL - 13 years ,his daughter AGRA - 13 years . We announce planned litters allready in summer, we have neved had  unreserved puppies untill their age of 7,8 weeks, so future owners of Do khyi puppies from our kennel are kindly requested to do follow our website and  make up their minds and do  reservations late summer. 

Statistics :
[ data on  day 01.11.2019 ]

- 156 puppies
- 26 litters (maximum 11 puppies, minimum puppies, average number of the litters par year - 1,5)
- average age of our dogs living in our kennel untill 2019 and are gone now,  11,3 years.