Planned Litters

In our breeding programme we aspire to authentic Do khyi type according to FCI standart 230. Expression of head with massive scull , strongly defined stop and occiput; aloof and proud look full of dignity; not much wrinkling, dewlap and too low carried ears. Harmony in proportions of compact body, fairly strong bones . Quality of coat more important than quantity. Typicall movement: elastic ,light and  deliberate, not too spontaneous. Full of charisma.


miot 2020

On December 12, 2019, from mating JAMAL Gonkhang x ZAIDA Mahatma la, 5 healthy puppies, 3 females and 2 males were born.


Pupppies finished 9 weeks. They go to new homes. Females OMA and OMEGA stay home, OYMYAKON goes for shows/breeding . Male ORMUZD goes to polish kennel Gonkhang and OTO LETHO goes to Norway